REVIEW: Oral B – Gum & Enamel Repair


A few weeks ago, a package arrived which contained another new product for me to test – Oral B – Gum & Enamel Repair toothpaste. Inside my pack were two tubes of the product, along with a questionnaire and ‘Insiders Guide’.

Now, I’m a bit funny when it comes to toothpaste, not only has it to leave my mouth feeling clean and fresh (obviously) but also, I’m not much of a fan of standard paste as I don’t feel as though the clean deep enough – whereas my regular brand of choice creates are foamier effect in my mouth, which I feel gets in between the gaps much more easily.


My bumper testing pack from Oral-B!

Both myself and Nicola (my other half) decided to try out this new toothpaste together and see what results (if any) we encountered.

My first test of the new ‘Oral-B’ toothpaste wasn’t great – as the flavour, or rather lack of flavour put me off almost immediately. It’s not as though there isn’t a flavour, or that it’s particularly nasty – it’s just extremely underwhelming…almost muted. The texture of the toothpaste was also something that I just didn’t initially enjoy either, with an almost gritty texture spreading around my mouth.  However, Nicola quite liked the toothpaste overall but did agree that the flavour wasn’t the best.

After a couple of days of trying out the new ‘Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair’ toothpaste, I wasn’t particularly enjoying the experience because whether it be my morning or evening teeth cleaning, my mouth never felt clean…and that’s kinda important! Again, Nicola didn’t share my opinion and was enjoying the new paste.

I also gave my extra tube to a work colleague and she loves it – mainly because the flavour is perfect, as she doesn’t like the strong peppermint style that I prefer. She has now stated that she intends to make ‘Oral-B Enamel & Gum Repair’ her new regular, go-to toothpaste. I gave her my money off coupons!

Now, after 3 weeks have passed, unfortunately, I have had to switch back to my regular toothpaste – one that foams in the mouth, has a strong minty flavour and ultimately, makes my mouth feel clean! Nicola has also switched back and she agrees that her mouth feels much much cleaner.

I am led to believe that there are multiple flavours available in this range so there could be a stronger option that I would prefer, however, the overall cleanliness of my mouth is the most important factor and unfortunately, ‘Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair’ falls way short.

Do my gums or enamel feel ‘repaired’?

Who knows…I’m not sure if they needed repairing in the first place…

Verdict: 5/10







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