REVIEW: Nutella B-Ready


A couple of days ago, I happened to pop into my local Spar after work to pick up a few essentials when I spotted this majestical product calling my name – I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it was a Nutella product, one which I hadn’t seen before, so therefore I just had to try it!

With a name such as ‘Nutella B-Ready’ I assumed it was some sort of bready type thing, you know B-Ready…bready…or is that ‘Be Ready’?

Once I got home, I immediately opened the packaging to find six individually packaged bars, which again, didn’t really give much inclination as to what it was. Once I opened one of the bars, I knew straight away what it was…it wasn’t bread at all, it was a light wafer – just like a Kinder Bueno style wafer.


Unlike a ‘Kinder Bueno’, there is no chocolate coating, just simple plain wafer with a Nutella ‘n’ embossed onto each of the three breakable pieces. While all of this does sound less than exciting, what hides inside each piece, negates the lack of excitement…

Yes, as you’ve probably guessed already – inside each breakable piece is a healthy blob of Nutella which as everyone knows, Nutella is one of those ridiculously delicious, moreish treats that everyone loves (if someone opposes Nutella, I quite frankly, do not trust them) and when combined with the light and crispy wafer, it does provide a tasty treat.

I enjoyed mine with a cup of coffee and I think that is probably the best way to eat these snacks as without the coffee they were a little bland. It does appear that Nutella B-Ready is marketed as a treat to go with milk, so perhaps they’re going for the ‘after-school’ treat market.


I do believe that Nutella B-Ready would be greatly improved if they added some sort of chocolate coating – even just a drizzle of chocolate. However, this would then make the B-Ready similar to the ‘Kinder Bueno’ – despite both products being ‘Ferrero’ brands – I doubt they are aimed at the same market.

Overall, I do like the Nutella B-Ready, but given the choice, I’d take a Bueno each and every time.

Verdict: 6/10


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