A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a bottle of the latest fragrance from ‘Joop!’ known simply as ‘WOW!’ for the purpose of review and feedback.


I remember, back in the day, when I was teenager dabbling with different ‘smellies’ in the (often littered with failures) pursuit of the opposite sex. Many of my friends at the time opted for a new fragrance on the market simply called ‘Joop!’ – it seemed very popular, but I really didn’t like the scent whatsoever – when it was first applied it was sickly sweet and the longer scent reminded me of burnt sugar.

Since then, that is always how I have thought of the ‘Joop’ brand – producers of sickly sweet scents for the younger end of the market, so upon receiving my bottle of ‘Joop – WOW!’ I wasn’t expecting to like it all too much.

However, prior to trying out the scent for the first time, I had a look at the scent notes and it perked my interest a little because it sounded like a much more ‘grown-up’ version of the ‘Joop’ that I remember.

  • Top notes: Violet Leaf, Bergamot, Cardamom.
  • Middle notes: Fir Balsam, Geranium, Vetiver.
  • Base notes: Cashmeran, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.

From the listed notes, I got an idea in my head as to how this would smell and WOW (pun well and truly intended) this scent really packs a punch!

Upon opening the packaging, I really liked the look of the clear bottle and packaging overall. It’s very mature and minimalist – something which I prefer in the fragrances I purchase. I also like the small black cap that conceals the spray head…all culminating in a very sleek and modern design.


As you apply it to the skin, you get an extremely intense blast of a citrus and floral combo – a quite fresh feeling. Once the fragrance had a chance to settle down, a lovely warming, woody and earthy masculine level – a kind of spicy citrus is the best way I could describe it.

After a while of it resting on my skin, the base notes appeared – which is obviously the most important, as that is the scent that lingers throughout the day/evening. I really can smell the notes of Vanilla, especially while sitting at my desk during my working morning. Overall, the early notes give out a youthful, punchy scent but eventually, a much more masculine and refined scent breaks through.

I did enjoy the first hour or two of wearing Joop WOW!, however, this is where the fragrance lets itself down – the longevity of it. I personally like a scent that lingers slightly throughout the day, but that is not something that is apparent of my daily use of Joop WOW!. By mid-morning, any smell had disappeared completely, so it certainly appears that it would be something you’d have to top-up during the day to keep the scent alive.

My partner and work colleagues both said that they liked the new fragrance and it is the kind of fragrance that I would normally choose, but the lack of staying power on my skin is something that is a big negative for me.


Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by Joop WOW! considering my previous experiences of the ‘Joop’ brand – the citrus and woody notes early on are lovely and it’s certainly a product that I will continue to use as an everyday fragrance, with perhaps the occasional top up.

Verdict: 7/10





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