REVIEW: Charcoal Face Mask & Shampoo

I thought charcoal went on a BBQ…apparently not – it’s now a thing for deep cleaning and ‘detoxing’ your hair and face!

Last week, I was sent two (unnamed) products to evaluate for a couple of weeks and in-turn, provide appropriate feedback on my thoughts and opinions on the two products.All I know about the two products (other than the ingredients & directions) are that both of the supplied products are planning on being aimed at the male market.

Charcoal Face Mask Shampoo Trial Review
Charcoal Shampoo and Face Mask

First up, the ‘Charcoal Face Mask’ – I’m not experienced in using face masks, so I asked my other half to help me apply it, which naturally meant that she tried out the product too. It applies to your face in a grey paste, not black as I originally assumed. It doesn’t have much in the way of fragrance, but what little fragrance it does have is pleasant enough.

Fun at first…

I must admit, at first it was kinda fun, with the kid inside me initially made me put warpaint stripes on. Unfortunately, the novelty soon wore off and I didn’t really enjoy the whole experience of having something slapped onto my face and allowing it to dry. It felt much thicker than it actually was – though I put this dislike for the feeling down to the fact that it was my first time in using a face mask.

…then not so fun!

Now, after following the instructions of letting it completely dry for a few minutes it became time to wash off the grey gunk on my face. After a quick comparison of my face next to my partners’, you can see who is the most experienced in applying face masks, as her application was even and smooth while mine was a tad more ‘slapdash’ and uneven.

Upon washing and drying her face, my partner said that her skin felt noticeably softer in touch and feel, whereas I didn’t notice any significant change myself, this could be partly due to me needing a shave – so perhaps I’ll have to try the product again once I am clean-shaven.

Next up was the ‘Charcoal Shampoo’ which I tested immediately after washing off the above face mask in the shower. My initial impression was that a shampoo should not look like tar or treacle, but once it lathers, it simply turns into your standard white shampoo foam. The fragrance was certainly a pleasant one which I couldn’t quite place as to where I had smelt it before – then it hit me, it smells similar to those ‘Pineapple Chunks’ that you find in men’s urinals! A clean smell, yet quite chemically enhanced freshness.

I could tell immediately after rinsing that my hair felt cleaner than it normally would after using my usual brand – it was literally ‘squeaky clean’. I thought that I may feel a little tingle on my scalp, but it was just like a normal shampoo.

Once my hair had dried, it was extremely soft and floaty, while also feeling quite thick – which for someone with slightly thinning hair at the front, it was most welcome. I’ll try the charcoal shampoo for a few more washes to see if it does make a difference to my hair and I’m not just imagining it – but my initial impressions are good and I could see myself using a product of similar ilk on a regular basis.

Overall, I am impressed with the charcoal shampoo and would consider using alongside or even instead of my regular shampoo (a well-known anti-dandruff brand) though I’m not too sure about the face mask. Though this isn’t due to this particular product, I just don’t think face masks, either charcoal or otherwise are something that I can or want to get on board with.



After trying a second time after I had shaven the face mask felt much less annoying as the previous attempt. Plus I slapped it on a bit more thickly and evenly. Still not convinced of its benefits yet – my skin is quite smooth, but that could be my shower gel.

Still, it’s not for me, the whole face mask thing.




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