REVIEW: Billy-Bob’s Parlour, Skipton


My other half treated me to a pre-birthday lunch and we certainly weren’t disappointed with the food, atmosphere and highly efficient service all culminating an excellent experience.

I feel that I should mention early on in this review that we are a couple without children and generally do not care for dining in places with high volumes of noisy children (and often even noisier parents) – however, as Billy-Bob’s was recommended to us, we knew that it could be a risk worth taking.

BUT…and couples who share a similar opinion to us, prepare to rejoice…there’s an adults/teen-only section which provides an excellent relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy conversation and wonderful food without the noise of family dining.

Bravo to the brains behind Billy-Bob’s for implementing such an option!

The adults/teens only section – a quieter dining experience!

The much quieter adults/teens only section – a relaxing escape to 1950’s America!

Right, onto the important part, the food…

My oh my, the American style cuisine is absolutely nailed – as you can expect, it’s lots of meat options, all seeming with cheese and other deliciousness that you would come to expect from an American diner.

I opted for the Coney Island Hot Dog, which was a wonderfully juicy smokey tasting frankfurter style hot dog, smothered in delicious chilli and topped with cheese and a jalapeno relish – absolutely divine with just the right amount of warming kick from the chilli. This was washed down with a super thick and creamy Malted Vanilla shake.

My other half went for the Philly Cheese Steak, which again was a wonderful concoction of juicy meat, onions and peppers and melted cheese served on a lightly toasted hoagie roll – but the ‘pièce de résistance’ was the accompanying jug of peppered roasting juices, which was so good I could’ve stolen it from my other half and slurped it straight from the jug! She washed down her meal with a super thick and creamy chocolate shake.

Alongside our meat treats were a side of Home Fries and a side of Onion Straws – again, cooked to perfection.

Coney Island Dog and Philly Cheese Steak with Home Fries and Onion Straws – amazing!

Coney Island Dog and Philly Cheese Steak, with Home Fries and Onion Straws – delicious!

The service was quick and efficient, with tables being cleared quickly, but we never felt rushed by staff, who kinda just leave you to it – which is great as there’s nothing worse when dining than over-attentive diners. A note was made by both of us that the whole area, inside and outside of the diner was spotlessly clean.

Obviously, as previously mentioned, we aren’t a family with children but we had a look at the outdoor play area and play barn which had lots of children all seemingly having a great time which is great to see – and I must admit, the man-child in me really REALLY wanted to have a run about in the barn like a lunatic!

Overall, an experience that lived up to the numerous recommendations and I will return in the near future and will also become another person to recommend this little gem of a place.

If you like Burgers, Hot Dogs and other American style dishes, you won’t be disappointed and as previously mentioned, a great place for those with children and also for those without or with grown up kids!


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